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Change how much you pay into your pension
Change how much you pay into your pension

Increase or decrease your contribution percentage

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Payments into your pension are known as contributions.

When you join your Employer’s retirement plan, you will normally contribute a percentage of your salary to your pension. You will see this pension contribution reflected on your payslip. If the plan rules permit, you can adjust the size of this percentage.

Please check your Summary Plan Description by selecting Emails on your dashboard for further details of rules of your plan in relation to contributions. 

Changing your regular contributions (where your employer matches your own personal contribution up to a specified maximum)

To change how much you contribute to your pension, sign in to your account and click on the Contributions tab.

This page will give a summary of your existing contributions percentages.

Use the "+" or "-" button to change your contribution percentage. Click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. The changes will be notified to your Employer and will be reflected from your next pay period.

2. Change your regular contributions (where your employer and employee contributions are a fixed percentage of salary)

Where the employer and employee regular contributions are a set percentage of your salary, simply follow the same process as set out above.  Any contributions in excess of your current contribution will be classified as additional voluntary contributions (AVCs).

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