What’s an expression of wish and why should I complete one?

In the event that you die before you retire, the value of your retirement fund can be paid by the trustees of the plan as a lump sum to one or more beneficiaries including your estate in accordance with the plan rules.  You may however wish to assist the trustees in exercising their discretion by indicating the person(s) to whom you would wish the lump sum to be paid.   Any balance of the death benefit that cannot be paid as a lump sum will be applied to provide a pension for your surviving dependants, subject to certain restrictions.

It’s important to keep your expression of wish up to date, just like your will, to reflect any changes in circumstances over time. 

Can I add more than one beneficiary?

Yes, you can add as many beneficiaries as you like. You can specify what percentage of your retirement fund you’d like to go to each one.

How do I complete my expression of wish?

Sign into your account. If you haven't completed an expression of wish you should see an alert on your dashboard, which will link to a form for you to complete. Alternatively, click the Account button in the top right and select Expression of wish.

Fill out the form to add your first beneficiary. The percentage of any payment due will need to be "100". As you add more beneficiaries, you can adjust this percentage. The total should always add up to 100 across all beneficiaries.

What happens if I don’t complete my expression of wish?

Without an expression of wish, it can be difficult to establish who your savings will go to.  You don’t have to provide one, but we strongly encourage you to, so that your wishes can be taken into consideration.

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