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How do I request an up to date benefit statement?

Written by Marion Nannetti
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Each year you will receive a pension benefit statement on the renewal date of your retirement plan. You will find this in the Inbox section of your account. If you would like to generate an up to date benefit statement, you can do so on your Portal.

On the homepage click on Get a Statement:

On the following page you can select the statement date range.

Your statement will contain a lot of useful information regarding your plan:

· Your contribution history

· Your contribution details

· Your fund choices

· Your fund value

· A statement of reasonable projections

· A summary of your transactions

· Your Pension Authority Number

· Your Employer details

· Your Normal Retirement Age

· Your Advisor Name, if relevant

If you have any queries regarding information on your benefit statement, these can be addressed with your Advisor. If you would like to receive a paper copy of your pension benefit statement free of charge, please contact the MyPension365 Team to request one.

You can contact them by:

  • live chat - click the small green circle icon in the bottom right of this page to speak to a member of our team. Our team will respond to your queries as quickly as possible.

  • email - send a message to [email protected] with your full name and your company name in the subject line. Our support team will respond to all emails within 10 working days, but normally it will be sooner than this.

  • telephone - (01) 5239705. Incoming and outgoing calls may be recorded for service, verification, analysis and training purposes.

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