When a new company account is created, the administrator will be directed to a list of tasks that need to be completed in order to finish setting up the plan.

You will see two lists. One for the company and a second profile to do list for the person who is signed in.

The company to do list will look like this. Red icons indicate tasks that need to be completed, green icons list tasks that have been completed. The delegate button allows you to delegate a task to another admin of the account. i.e. you may wish to ask your payroll administrator to add employees whilst the director adds the direct debit details. 

Understanding each task

1 - Sign agreement now

This is the Participation Agreement, the legal agreement between the company and New Ireland Assurance. We will have created an e-document that needs to be electronically signed by the signatory (typically the director or directors of the business).

2 - Set up direct debit

This is a simple online form to add your company bank details so that we can deduct your pension contributions. Click here for more details on how to set up your direct debit.

3 - Update key company info

If you have signed up using our website then we will have collected your company details, like registered address etc. from the Companies Registration Office (CRO) (if your company is registered with the CRO). If some of these details are missing then this task will need to be completed manually.

4 - Add employees

Depending on how you want to assess your employees, this last step may not be required.
If you want to use MyPension365 to assess your employees and calculate their pension contributions then you need to add your employees here. However, if you are using your own payroll application to assess your employees then you can skip this step as your employee accounts will be created when you upload your first payroll file. Learn more about adding employees to your scheme or find out more about setting up your payroll application.

Your profile to do list

Each person who has a MyPension365 account has their own to-do list. This is simply to ensure we have the correct personal details necessary for your scheme. It is important that these tasks are completed before you upload contributions.

Your ongoing tasks

Once these tasks are completed your plan will be set up and you will be asked to send out welcome letters to your employees. 

Retirement Plan Details

Below the ongoing task list you will be able to view your retirement plan details.

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