Updating admins and signatories details

As an admin or signatory, you can access your Admins & Signatories list and update the details of an administrator of your company. This page is visible by the person responsible for managing the scheme (Administrators or Advisors).

If you are an admin or signatory, you can access your personal details in the Profile details tab, which can be accessed through the Menu.

Use the instructions below to update an administration account:

1. Sign in to your account, click on Menu in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. Then select 'Company Details' from the drop-down box.

2. Then select the Admins category from the Users tile

3. On the next screen select the View button next to the administrator you wish to update. 

The View button is the small arrow in a circle found under the Actions column 

4. Clicking on this View button will take you to the Profile Details page.
If you select the Update details category you will be able to update the details for your chosen administrator.

5. Update fields

A form should now be open and ready to be filled out.

We strongly recommend that you complete all fields.

Press the blue Update button at the bottom to save the admin or signatory details.

Basic details

The first few fields are for the basic details of the administrator. Name, Email, DOB and Home Address. 

Promoting and demoting Admins and Signatories

You can manage the permissions of admins and signatories, promoting or demoting them to the role of a signatory or admin.

There are 4 actions you can perform:

  • Promote an admin to the role of signatory.

  • Demote a signatory to the role of admin.

  • Replace a signatory with an admin and vice-versa.

  • Delete an admin.

Promoting and demoting admins and signatories

Use the instructions below to manage your admins and signatories permissions.

1. Log into your account, and click on Menu in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. Then select Company Details from the drop-downbox.

2.  Select the Users category from the Company Details dashboard

3. The next screen will let you select either an upwards or downwards arrow under the Actions column. This will enable you to promote/ demote the relevant admin/ signatory.

Additional Options

  • Admins can be deleted by clicking on the bin icon (example below) under the Actions column.

  • If you want to replace a signatory with an admin or vice-versa, select the icon with two arrows facing one another (example below). You will then be presented with a box that enables you to replace the selected user accordingly. Click the blue Replace button to confirm your selection.


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