If you want to review or change your company details, please follow the instructions below:

1 - Select the 'Menu' button on the top right-hand corner of the homepage. Then select 'Company Details' from the drop-down box. The following page will then appear.

Getting started

Make sure your company details are correct, and that you have signed the Participation Agreement. You can also find letters to be issued to members saved under Documents.


You can list existing admins and signatories of the scheme or add new admins. Admins can be added to help manage the scheme with you. 


Contributions are paid using direct debit; you can set up your direct debit details here and also view and download your previous bills. 

Manage Advisors

If your scheme was set up by your Financial Advisor, their details will be displayed here. If you set up your pension but want a payroll firm to manage the scheme, you can send them an invite to allow them access to your account.

Company Branding

Represent your company and personalise your employees' accounts with text and images to suit your company branding.

Notifications Centre

The notification centre allows you to define who will receive communications issued from MyPension365.


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