Once you have populated the SIF, you need to save this in ‘CSV’ format with UTF-8 encoding. You should then log in to your MyPension365 online portal and click the ‘Contributions and Payroll’ option in the Menu, click on the ‘Upload your standard interface file’, then either select your CSV file from your documents and complete the upload process, or drag and drop the file into the area marked by a dotted line.

 If the upload process is unsuccessful, the upload will fail and you will be able to view the errors requiring corrective action. You can then amend your CSV file, re-save and re-start the upload process.

 If you realise after uploading that you have made an error within your SIF, there is no deletion option. Instead, please amend your SIF accordingly, re-upload it into the system and your new correct file will automatically overwrite the old incorrect file. This can only be done if the contribution collection process has not commenced. We encourage you to check that you have completed the file wholly and correctly on your first attempt. Once your upload is successful the status will automatically update to reflect this.

For further information in relation to the SIF, please see the 'SIF Guide'.

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