A SIF can be uploaded at any time.

If the user experiences errors, these are also visible on the Admin portal and NIAC can view these to assist the Employer/ Advisor as required.

To view the errors, call up the company on the platform;

Select ‘load’ under ’Imports

The full history of SIFs uploaded will be visible.

To view the errors, select the ‘ID’ of the SIF in question.

Look at the Errors on the next screen.

The file uploaded can be downloaded here from the ‘LINK’

Error: The file does not contain UTF-8 encoding

  • Is the file in csv format?

    - Are all 48 headings included?

    - Have headings been amended from the prescribed format?

  • Are there any fadas/ other special characters in the file

  • Check that there are no additional spaces in the following columns

    - DateofBirth

    - ContributionDueDate

    - EmployementStartDate

    - NationalID Number

If there is a space before and/or after the detail in these fields, the upload will fail.

  • If the above solutions do not work, continue to save the file as follows.

There are two ways you can save a CSV file with UTF-8 encoding:

  1. Save in Excel:

    • Click "File" > "Save as" from the menu.

    • In the "Save as type" dropdown > select "Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)"

    • Select "Web Options" in the "Tools..." dropdown at the bottom of the dialog box.

    • Select the "Encoding" tab.

    • In the "Save this document as:" dropdown, select "Unicode (UTF-8)"

  2. Save in Notepad:

    • Open the file in Notepad by right-clicking on the file where it's saved on the computer, and select "open with" then "Notepad".

    • With the file open in Notepad, click "save as", and you should see an encoding option to ensure it's saved with UTF-8 encoding. I've provided a screenshot of this below.

Error: No valid contribution band can be found for this member

  • Check the percentage figures added for the member(s) and ensure they match what was defined for the benefit group.

  • Check that the % symbol has not been included in the file.

  • Check that member contributions have been classified correctly

    • If a plan is ER only, any member contributions should be recorded as AVC

    • To check, look at the Benefit Group

If Employee Minimum and Employer Maximum is set to 0, it is an Employer only plan (where only Employer contributions only are made to the Plan)

  • Ensure the correct benefit group has been entered in the BenefitGroupID column.

If the member is part of a tiered benefit group, ensure the percentage corresponds to the current benefit group level.

Uploading on 20/12/2020
Member Employment Start Date 18/12/2018
Benefit Group

While the member has less than 2 years’ service at the time of deduction, they are now entitled to 2% Employer contributions so the SIF should be updated to reflect this.

The monetary amount can remain unchanged.

Error: No valid contribution band can be found for this member.

Trouble Shooting

  • Check the BenefitGroupID entered on the file for the affected member(s).

    • If contributions have changed for the member, check to see if the BenefitGroupID has been updated, where applicable. E.G. Staff movong to a Managers BenefitGroup with enhanced contributions.

If the contribution amount does not match the expected contribution percentage, it will also cause this error
e.g. Earnings1 - €1,000.00
EmployerContributionAmount - €100
EmployerContributionPercentage – 2

In this example, at 2%, the contribution expected would be €20 but €100 has been included on the file.

There is a tolerance built into the system but as the above example illustrates a sizeable difference, the error would be expected and the user should contact New Ireland for further guidance.

Error: Due Date Does not exist for ContributionDueDate supplied

Check the date is in the correct format – DD/MM/YYYY

  • Check the date matches that outlined in Data Capture Form on initial sign up.

  • Check you are not uploading ahead of the Contribution Due Date.

Error: Mandatory value for Earnings1 is missing

The name of each affected member will show.

  • Complete the missing details.

The SIF Guide illustrates the mandatory fields.

In the above example, as the Earnings1 field was not completed, the system checked if the Earnings2 field had been completed.

While Earnings2 is not a compulsory field, it is conditional so if Earnings1 is not completed, the system expects a figure.

Invalid format for Earnings1 attribute

· Ensure there are no commas in the field.

· Ensure there is no symbols including €.

· Ensure there are no more than 3 decimal places in this field.

Invalid format in any date field

· Ensure date are in ROI format and not US

Invalid Format in any of the following fields; Address1, Address2, City, County

· Ensure there are no full stops and/or commas

· Ensure there are no special characters/ diacritics.

Multiple Errors when uploading contributions for an existing member.

This can occur when the member already exists but attempts are being made to amend the member name, EmployeeID etc.

· Ensure the member name matches the name on the platform.

· Ensure the EmployeeID matches the ‘External(ID)’ noted for the Employee.

- This cannot be amended through the SIF so must match the reference originally provided. If the user had included 0’s ahead of the number, these must always be included. To include these on the file, format the cell as ‘Text’ and enter the reference in the cell again.

· Ensure the PPS/ NationalID matches what was originally provided.

NationalIDNumber must be Unique

This can occur when the name on the file is different to what was originally uploaded for a member. The member name(s) must match. If the employer is looking to make a change to a member name, they must email us and we will raise a Freshdesk ticket.

Value for EffectiveDate is invalid

This field must be in the specific format of YYYY-DD-MM hr:min:sec e.g. 2021-06-12 09:12:06

1. Before entering detail into the field, right click on the cell.
Select ‘Format cells’ and select ‘Text’

2. Enter the detail in the specific following format YYYY-MM-DD hr:min:sec

Example 2021-06-11 11:06:52

3. Copy and paste this through for all members. Do Not drag this down as all lines should have the same detail in this field.

4. Ensure the file is saved in csv format before uploading.

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