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How to generate a member investment report on MyPension365
How to generate a member investment report on MyPension365
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Member investment reports containing investment information on all members of a company retirement plan can be easily generated on MyPension365.

Step 1

Select Analytics on your Advisor dashboard.

Step 2

Click on Select a client.

Step 3

Select the relevant client from the list.

Step 4

Plan information will appear onscreen. Select View


Step 5

Click on ‘Member investment report’.

Step 6

The member investment information for the plan appears onscreen.

Please Note:

Each investment fund per member is shown on a separate line. The first 100 investment funds appear on screen. If there are more than 100 investment funds, these can be viewed by downloading the report.

Information on active members appears first on the report, followed by inactive members. Within these categories, members are displayed by member number, with the lowest number appearing first. Where a member is invested in more than one fund, the fund with the highest value appears first.

Step 7

You can download the report as an Excel file by clicking on the ‘Download’ button.

If you have any questions, please contact the Digital Support Team at

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