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Linking an Advisor user to a specific scheme
Linking an Advisor user to a specific scheme
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Where more than one advisor is set up on MyPension365 for your brokerage, you may prefer to assign a dedicated advisor to specific schemes. Linking specific users to schemes means that their contact details are included in the following member communications:

路 New member statement

路 Pension benefit statement

路 Ad-hoc pension benefit statement

路 Leaving service options

How to link a specific user to a scheme

1. Select Clients on your Advisor dashboard

2. Select the relevant client

3. Select manage client

4. Select Assign advisor at the bottom of the screen

5. Enter the email address of the relevant advisor in the Assigned adviser field
Note: You can enter the email address of anyone who is a listed user attached to the brokerage on MyPension365 here.

6. Select Save assigned adviser

The assigned advisor contact details will now be populated in the member communications listed above.

If you have any questions please contact the Digital Support Team at [email protected]

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