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Standard Interface File (SIF) upload template and process

This guide provides you with the information you need to correctly complete the SIF template and to successfully upload onto the platform.

What is the SIF?

The SIF is the template you need to input and complete with the data of your employees for the initial joining of the retirement plan and then on an ongoing basis following the frequency of your internal payroll processes; this may be weekly, monthly etc.

The SIF acts as the Master file and is used to change and update employee details, such as address or email. If you are changing the name of employee you will need to contact the team at [email protected]

When is the SIF used?

The SIF is used to;

1. Add Members to the Retirement Plan.

2. Upload Contributions for Members to the Plan

3. Make Changes to Employee Details e.g. Address

4. Notify New Ireland if a member leaves the plan.

Completing the SIF

This link gives you a colour coded template to help you complete your SIF

Important: editing of the headers in the first row is not allowed

Row 1 should always remain in the SIF even if the column is noted as ‘Optional’.

For the SIF to successfully upload the values of each of the fields must display as shown here.

Completing the SIF for employees joining my retirement plan

For employees joining your retirement plan you need to include them in this file. By including them in the file this will automatically trigger a welcome email. The email will ask your employee to create a password giving them access to their employee portal. They can then log into their account and if relevant to the retirement plan choose to become a member.

Knowing the contributions to deduct and to include on the SIF for employees of my retirement plan

You will receive a daily email every time an employee chooses to become a member only if this is relevant to your retirement plan. This email will also provide details of the contribution rates.

  • To get the latest contribution rates for your active members , on your portal from Menu select ‘Retirement Plan set up’> ‘Employees’ then click on the ‘Export’ button

  • The export gives details for all employees, next you will need to sort the extract by the ‘Opt In/Opt Out’ column. Current active members of the Plan are defined as ‘Opted In’ or ‘Automatically enrolled’.

Completing the SIF with Member Contributions

Once a member has opted in, contributions must be remitted.

Refer to the SIF Template for the details to be included in respect of these contributions.

Completing the SIF for employees leaving my company

You will need to complete the SIF for the relevant employee leaving by filling in the fields ExitDate and ExitReasonCode with the value ‘leaver’. This can be used to let us know of employees that have left service, retired or died.

Important: if you submit an employee as a leaver in error, let us know immediately

Completing the SIF for employees wishing to leave my retirement plan, but are still working for my company

You will need to complete the SIF for the relevant employee by filling in the fields EventCode with the value ‘ceased contributions’ and the field EventDate.

Important: if an employee is leaving the retirement plan within 30 days of joining add in the EventDate field the date they opted in and in the EventCode field add the value ‘Cancelled’.

Saving and uploading the completed SIF

You will need to save the completed SIF as file type (CSV Comma delimited).

You then need to log in to your New Ireland MyPension365 Employer/Advisor portal and follow the steps to upload your file.

What should I do if the upload process is unsuccessful?

If the upload process is unsuccessful, the upload will fail and you will be able to view the errors on screen. You can then change your CSV file as needed, re-save and upload again.

Please see SIF troubleshooting guide here.

What should I do if I have noticed an error within the SIF after uploading?

After a successful upload and you notice incorrect information within the SIF you will need to amend the SIF with the correct data and re-upload. Your new correct file will automatically overwrite the old incorrect file. This can only be done if the contribution collection process has not started.

Once your upload is successful the status will automatically update to reflect this.

Important: Please check the data in the file is completed correctly on the first upload

What’s next?

Once your contributions have been successfully uploaded via SIF you will be able to see a summary of your uploaded contributions on your portal by browsing to Menu Contribution and Payroll > Contributions screen from the main menu.

On this screen you will see the total uploaded contribution amount due in the current pay period. You will also see a 'Pay Now' button on this screen.

When you are ready for payment collection of the uploaded contributions you have the option to press the pay now button which will trigger the payment process for uploaded contributions as soon as you upload your contribution SIF.

If you decide not to use the Pay Now function the payment cycle will start after the 5th of the month.

If you select Pay Now the payment process starts on the day after the button is pressed. The Pay Now button will only be available as long as the following requirements are met:

  1. You have an active direct debit mandate set up.

  2. There is not already a payment run in progress


· Making an employer contribution is the responsibility of the employer only and this amount should not be deducted from the employee's salary.

· Employee contributions should be deducted from their salary before the deduction of income tax

· Section 58A of the Pensions Act 1990 (as amended) requires you, as employer, to make sure that contributions deducted from employee’s salaries are paid to us within 21 days of the end of the month in which contributions were deducted

SIF template- Important points

● You need to save the file as file type (CSV Comma delimited).

● The platform will not accept commas in any field example 23, The Street

● No column headers should be removed or edited

● No additional column headers should be added.

● Fields marked as mandatory must be completed with valid input

● Fields marked as optional can be left blank. If completed the input must be valid

● Fields marked as conditional will be mandatory or optional depending on circumstances

● Please refer to our colour coded SIF for further guidance

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